It’s my 29th Birthday

Okay, it’s just one more year before my 30s. I believe that 30s is the middle age of humankind. That’s why we fear getting to this age hood; it seems to be the tipping point to getting older.

I didn’t have the chance to celebrate this “special” day. I spent the day at the university, went back home at 5pm and slept for about 3 hours and now it’s time for home works -_-
I admit that I didn’t bother enough to pay attention to my self during the last few years. I had so many plans to improve the quality of my life and health but I didn’t achieve any of them. To be more specific, I didn’t achieve them yet, I’m still working on them.
Last year, I reached to a very good position in my ex-work but I suddenly resigned for the sake of doing my Master degree. Nowadays I’m preparing for the IELTS test to enroll my self into the university. Last few years, I joined the GYM many times for few weeks but I suddenly quit exercising. Today, I’m planning to go back to the GYM full of hope not to quitting again!
Besides the bad things, I’ve made few good things. I “cold turkey” some bad behavior and attitude. I won’t mention them now to keep some personal privacy! 🙂
Hey, what is a birthday without wishes?
– I wish to do well and score 7 in all bands in the IELTS test.
– I wish to start the Master course this coming February.
– I wish to lose weight! at least 10 Kgs.
– I wish to get the chance to attend my brother’s wedding 🙁
– I wish to finish designing my main website before I die 😀
Time to blow off the candles and good night every body.

I scanned the Car Park Ticket to remember this day only, no other purpose.