I started this domain 11+ years ago, but hey! don’t ask me what I have been doing here since then.
Back then, I was single, young, energetic and full of life to my self. Now (March, 2018) I am a father of 3; 2 princesses and their little brother, with a full time job and a side business. So where on earth would I find time for this blog.
Anyway, let’s try a little harder, but don’t hang me with my words. I said I will try 🙂

My name is:

Firas Alghamdi


Master of Computer Science (The University of Queensland, Australia), with an interest in the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) field.


Smart Solutions Manager in one of the biggest telecom companies in the world, happy with my job and leading a great team to the success of our company’s values and mission.

My latest major achievement:

Launching a fully digitized Academy equipped with a state-of-art educational technologies, first of its kind and beyond global standards of any corporate Academy that has been created thus far, with custom made and manufactured technologies.
The Academy will play a major role as an enabler to the Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision aiming to equip the market with at least 100 ICT Experts in its shortest target.


Please contact me for any further inquiries you may have.

Salam 🙂