Back to life

Howdy Everyone…
As I mentioned earlier in my tweets, I recently moved to an apartment after I spent 8 days in a hotel. It was very difficult to find one due to the peak season in Australia for the Real Estates.
Wait! This is not the thing I’m posting about 😀 Didn’t you notice that I’m posting? LoL. It means that I’m alive again, which in further means that I got internet, Yoohooo! LoL

I’ve been Offline for about 23 days which is kind of an unbelievable status for me. I was feeling like a “null” –in computer language– :D. Yeah it’s true, especially with a recent formatted MAC that has nothing to entertain with except the Chess. For some one who spent most of his life doing business online and having fun online it’s crazy to be Off that thing.
Now, Back to the road, I’ll be updating my Diary and will look after my website and bother you “friends” with junk emails, lol. So no wonder if I recover my absent with a lot of foolishness and blah blah talks.
Be Ready 😉

3 thoughts on “Back to life

  1. 7amdillah you found an apartment, but the most important thing which you realy have to thank GOD about it is that you are ON again, I can feel it, these days for you will be like reviving!

    keep post :p~ and sending junk mails.


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